Penguin Trap Game Fun Board Game Penguin Trap Game Fun Board Game

Penguin Trap Game Fun Board Game

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Product Description

Penguin Trap Game Fun Board Game

Have a fun night playing board games with your friends or family with the Penguin Trap Game! This is one of the new board games popular these days. Looks very interesting and fun even at first glance. This game is perfect for all ages for both kids and adults. Make your weekends memorable with your family!

Fun and Interesting Game to Play

This board game s mini table with a penguin standing on little ice-like blocks. To play this game, each player takes turns to spin the wheel to know how many blocks they should stoke. The spin will tell you which color or how many blocks you need to take down. It has 2 mini hammers included for stroking the blocks. The goal is to not let the penguin fall onto the ice.

Have a lot of fun for long hours playing this game. This will also teach your kids to develop and enhance their coordination and interaction. Every material used in making this product are all safe and non-toxic. The plastic is made durable and strong which you can keep playing for over a long time. If you are thinking of something unique and fun gift to give to your friends and family, this is perfect to choose. Simple but very entertaining.

Package Includes:

  • 1* icebreaking table
  • 38* blue and white ice blocks
  • 4* stents, 1* penguin
  • 1* spinner, 2* hammers