Rainbow Lamp Projector Kids Night Light Rainbow Lamp Projector Kids Night Light

Rainbow Lamp Projector Kids Night Light

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Product Description

Rainbow Lamp Projector Kids Night Light

Transform your child’s room into a magical place with this Rainbow Lamp Projector Light. Make the rainbow appear every night which will amaze your kids and will make it easier for you to put them to bed for sleep. The farther you put the lamp away from the wall and ceiling, the bigger the rainbow will be!

Portable and Durable

The compact size of the lamp can be easily put on top of your child’s bedside table. Portable and lightweight enough fou to easily transfer it anywhere in the room or anywhere around your home. Put it on your kid’s side table or put on the floor, whatever is more convenient for you. it is wireless and battery operated with the power button to easily turn it on and off. Its wireless design makes it safer for kids too as they don’t have to deal with plugging wires on outlets anymore.

Uses LED Lights

Rainbow produced by different colors of LED lights which do not consume much power energy. Your child can keep it on for the whole night without emptying the batteries fast. Your kids will surely love having this magical rainbow every night to their room to stare at. This will put a smile on their faces and will make them fall asleep faster and more comfortable. The darker the room is, the more beautiful this rainbow will look!