Dainty Necklaces Tiny Letter Pendant Dainty Necklaces Tiny Letter Pendant Dainty Necklaces Tiny Letter Pendant Dainty Necklaces Tiny Letter Pendant

Dainty Necklaces Tiny Letter Pendant

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Product Description

Dainty Necklaces Tiny Letter Pendant

These Dainty Necklaces Tiny Letter Pendant are almost unnoticeable with its super simple style and design. A great gift idea for your friends and family as you can choose from all the letters and pick it with their name’s first letter. Available in letters from A to Z and has a little heart too beside the letter.

Simple Yet Stylish

The chain fo this necklace is made with super thin stainless steel material. It is effortless to wear and feels lightweight around the neck. You can choose from any letter that you like, and it already includes a mini heart shape pendant beside the letter. You get two pendants in one necklace.

High-quality Stainless Steel

You may think that these Dainty Necklaces will fade right away with its price. But these necklaces are made with non-tarnish stainless steel material. Its gold-plated finish does not fade quickly over time, but you can also choose a simple silver finish. You can wear it for as long as you want for a long time with its quality remaining the same. But if you are acidic, you may notice a change in its condition easier and faster than those who are non-acidic wearers.

Easy to Wear

You can choose between a silver or a gold-plated finish of necklace. Both are made of high-quality steel material which you will be able to wear for a long time. It has an adjustable length design on the closure so you can adjust the necklace to your preferred length.

Thoughtful Gift Idea

It is a great gift idea which you can give for yourself and to your friends. An instant thoughtful gift idea as you can easily personalize it by just simply choosing the letter for based on the receiver’s name.