Perfume Bottle Travel Containers Perfume Bottle Travel Containers Perfume Bottle Travel Containers Perfume Bottle Travel Containers Perfume Bottle Travel Containers

Perfume Bottle Travel Containers

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Product Description

Perfume Bottle Travel Containers

Stay fresh, clean and smelling good all day long by carrying a portable perfume sprayer with your favorite scent inside using these travel perfume bottles. The refillable perfume bottle is made from premium quality aluminum with environmentally safe inner plastic layers. The small spray bottle is little and light enough to be placed in your pocket or purse. The bottle makes you appreciate the great portability and convenience the bottle provides. It is perfect when you go to a gathering or an event. You need not bring a large container bottle to keep you smelling good all day. All you need to do is invest energy in this incredible apparatus. It will keep you feeling crisp throughout the day or night.

Extremely Portable Travel Size

Exquisite in design, you don’t need to stress over breaking the bottle when you drop it on the floor. It has a 5ml volume capacity which can provide you many sprays so you can spray all you want all day. The device is measuring approximately 8.1cm in length and 1.68cm in width. This refillable perfume spray is also your perfect travel, event, and work buddy in bringing with you your most loved perfume scent.

Easy To Use and Refill

The container has a structured valve at the base. It enables you to refill it in less than a minute. Just place the spout of your aroma bottle into the valve at the bottom of the atomizer. Then press the bottle sprayer downwards multiple times so it can siphon the perfume inside until you fill up the 7mL capacity. Very easy to use with any fragrance bottle, the bottom valve fits most perfume bottles perfectly. Also available in 13 different and vibrant colors, you can choose the perfect color that matches and blends in with your personality. So keep your favorite scent with you at all times using this compact and convenient bottle sprayer.