Power Shower Head Ceramic Balls Power Shower Head Ceramic Balls Power Shower Head Ceramic Balls Power Shower Head Ceramic Balls Power Shower Head Ceramic Balls

Power Shower Head Ceramic Balls

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Product Description

Power Shower Head Ceramic Balls

This power shower head is a special type of shower head because it has negative ion activated ceramic balls. There are many benefits of using this type of power shower head. The shower head produces negative ions, these negative ions are good for the body. One advantage is that it improves your immune system. Moreover, the ceramic balls also increase oxygen in the blood. Similarly, this type of shower head helps remove toxins in the body and it speeds-up your metabolism. Finally, one key advantage of using this showerhead is that it protects the skin from the harmful effects of chlorine. It is not only a household product, but it is a product that improves your health as well.


Aside from the health advantages of this product, it is also a functional and powerful shower head. It has three spray-types. Moreover, the ceramic balls help remove heavy metals in the water that may cause serious illness. The showerhead increases the water pressure that comes out of the shower. As a result, you use less water and thus, save on your monthly water bill. In addition, this product is also easy to install. It fits on most shower hoses and you can readily use it any time.

The Product

The product has three spray-types. The first type is the massage where the pressure is concentrated so it is relaxing on the back. Another one is the rainfall. This type applies equal pressure so it is best for a full bath or showering after a long day. Lastly, there is the jetting-type. This spray type is a combination of both the rainfall and massage. It is both concentrated and scattered. This spray type is perfect if you want to stay longer in the shower and just enjoy the cool, refreshing water.