Glue Dots 100pcs Balloon Adhesive Glue Dots 100pcs Balloon Adhesive Glue Dots 100pcs Balloon Adhesive

Glue Dots 100pcs Balloon Adhesive

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Product Description

Glue Dots 100pcs Balloon Adhesive

These glue dots are balloon adhesive for different occasions. You will get one sheet per order that has 100pcs glue dots. The size of the sheet is 16.7 x 16 cm, and the thickness is approximately 1 mm. The diameter of one dot of glue is 15 mm which is small an great for your convenience. White is the only color available which will not matter because they will not be seen as you use them on the ballons.

Sticky Adhesive For A Long Hold

These adhesives are sticky enough for a long hold. You will not have to worry about balloons falling from the ceiling or wall. You will have to enjoy the event that you will design. It can stay long enough until the party finish. The balloons will not fall not until you remove them unless you if will not put the adhesive properly. This product is pretty easy to use. You have to take one dot from the sheet and remove the films in the front and back. After that, place it in the balloon and stick it wherever you want to.

Unnoticeable Glue Dots

These dots are supposed to be not visible when not in use. So, don’t worry about anyone who might see the dots because no one will if you use them the right way. The adhesive is small, and it will not be noticed at all. Your decoration will look presentable until your even successfully finish. This product will be helpful for any occasion and in any venue. Whether it is an outdoor or indoor celebration, or whether it is a birthday or any party, these adhesives will help you be more creative with the decoration of the venue.